Do you have one of those friends that is always there to kick you in the bum when you need it? Like, they see the potential in you, and don’t let you forget it, or give up, or give in….

I do. Her name is Candice, and we haven’t been friends that long, but it feels like we have. See, she’s a fellow photographer. Another boss babe. A mamapreneur. A goal digger. Whatever the label, she’s that. And she does not hesitate to remind me of what she sees in me (and she tends to see way more than even I do).

So, when she asked me to come to a Salt Flats Stylized Session workshop in Utah, my initial response was a big old, ‘nope.’ I don’t have the money. I don’t know if I can get someone to watch my kids. The guys putting it on mainly shoot weddings and I don’t want to learn about photographing weddings. I can’t get on a plane. (I don’t fly well. At all.) I don’t even know the guys putting on the workshop. Again, I don’t have the money.

And her response (that I knew was coming), was ‘we’ll figure it all out- you need to come.’ So that’s what we did. We drove 15 hours one-way (to avoid the plane). We figured out the finances. She talked to the photographers putting it on, and they weren’t teaching wedding photography. They were teaching about business development. And personal development. Two things I could use some help on.

The two photographers were Montana Dennis ( and Chad DiBlasio ( Both have some serious talent.

But, like I said, we weren’t there talking about wedding photography. Or anything technical. Not even social media. We were talking about value. What we put value on, and how it differs between people. And how to value yourself.

We all stayed in a house together for a few days. We ate and drank together. We talked about some really deep stuff. And laughed and even cried. It was well-needed. Not just for my business, but for me.

On the second day, we all packed into a few cars and took a 2 hour drive out to the Bonneville Speedway in the Salt Flats. This place is insane. It used to be this enormous salt lake, but it’s dried up and left this thick crust of pure salt. It’s huge. Like miles and miles of salt. And the Bonneville Speedway is where they break records for the fastest vehicles on earth. Seriously google it- it’s crazy.

Chad and Montana (neither of which are from Utah) had organized a few models for us to photograph and it was a dream. One model from Arizona, a boyfriend and girlfriend, and a couple girls they met the day before, working at Anthropology in the mall. We rotated between them all, taking unreal photos in this mystical place. I took my shoes off to feel it and it wasn’t super comfy. It hurt, actually. Super pokey. (Us Canadians compared it to the look of a frozen lake… but so much cooler)

And I tasted it. Cause hey, it’s just salt!

One thing that’s been on my bucket list for years, is to ride in a car with a professional driver and go ridiculously fast. I don’t want to drive it, cause I would be scared (and I don’t drive standard)… so, since we were in the best place to do so, we tried it. In a Honda Fit. The tiniest car that they have at the rental place. And probably the tiniest engine too. But Chad pushed it to it’s tiny maximum and we broke 100 mph. I was pumped. To see a video of us driving out there, check out my instagram (@belovedlifephotography)

And a trip to the states isn’t complete without visiting Hobby Lobby (Candice’s first time!) and Target. And Chick-Fil-A! That chicken is unbelievably tasty.

We turned back and drive another 15 hours home. Through an incredible snowstorm. Stayed in a bare minimum hotel in Montana, where we watched reality TV and ate pizza. And car karaoked 90’s songs like you wouldn’t believe.

I’d say it was worth listening to that friend who recommended this crazy trip- wouldn’t you?




I’d love it you stick around for future posts, and thanks for being here for this one.